Help Maui

Our friends and neighbors over on Maui have suffered tremendously. The wildfire is a major disaster and over 100 people have lost their life and countless more lost their homes and businesses. The town of Lahaina is gone and there is great need to help those effected.

Donation to Maui Fire Victims

After the devastating fires on Maui in August 2023, the volunteers working the Welcome Tent on Kailua-Kona pier decided to offer their tip jar donations to the Maui relief efforts. The volunteers, under the leadership of Mary Beth Witzel and the Destination Kona Coast organization, welcome cruise-ship passengers to Kona. It isn’t unusual to greet 2,000 passengers on Wednesdays and many more on other ship days. They, the passengers, have expressed their gratitude for our welcoming aloha spirit by dropping in a few dollars into our jar with a sign stating “For Maui Relief.”

After researching various options to where to send our donation (to ensure every dollar will go to help), it was decided to send $1,137.21 to Rotary District 5000 Foundation and its Maui Fires Relief Fund. All donations will be used; there is no administrative overhead for this Fund. The Rotary website states: In the aftermath of the recent challenges faced by our community on Maui, Hawai’i Rotary District 5000, known for its commitment to service and community support, launched the Maui Fires Relief Fund through the Hawai’i Rotary District 5000 Foundation. This relief fund aims to provide immediate and intermediate assistance and long-term recovery support to the people of Maui, as they navigate the path to rebuilding their lives and communities. The fund is designed to address urgent needs and provide sustainable solutions to assist those affected by the recent events.


Here are some of theother rganizations which accept donations. Your responce is appreciated!

Where can I donate to Maui?

Maui Strong
American Red Cross of Hawaii
Salvation Army – Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division
Maui Mutual Aid Fund
Aloha United Way
Maui Humane Society
Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
Maui Food Bank